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2nd Grade Studying Properties of Matter

These are some pics from the science activity that we did.  They were stuck on a deserted island with only the items from their lunch sack.  They needed to construct a hat to keep their heads from burning.  They had to check the materials provided for absorbency (in case they sweat), firmness (to keep the brim of their hat stuck out to cover their face), softness (since it would be touching their body), etc.  We have been studying properties of materials.

Grandparent’s Day

Middle School Pics


5th and 6th STEM building

5th and 6th “virtually” buying items to put in survival packs for survival unit

Finding items to put in a survival kit to be able to survive alone if lost. Students researched, put together a list, virtually shopped, and then presented findings to discuss what should be added/changed.

Built the strongest platform on first attempt in 5th/6th grade.


Band working hard!

Middle School Science

Brittany and Lexi modeling aprons

Designing a chair to hold angry bird

Working on platform design for STEM

Hunter, Brittany, and Lexi modeling the aprons worn during experiments in science.

Winners of the building design. Their design held 200lbs!

NED Was Here!